About Flashing Thunder Fireworks            

Located in Mitchell, Iowa, Flashing Thunder Fireworks Spectacular was founded in 1981 by Jerome Mostek. Flashing Thunder Fireworks began firing up fireworks displays in their hometown on the 4th of July and subsequently grew into what it is today. And now a new generation, Jeremy and Katie Mostek, are taking Flashing Thunder Fireworks to a whole new level of pyrotechnics using the most state of the art Electronic Firing equipment.

Flashing Thunder Fireworks have gained exclusive rights to distributing many imported pyrotechnic products and supplies throughout the U.S.A. We are a major importer of fireworks from China, Japan, and Spain. We also proudly carry domestically made fireworks. Flashing Thunder Fireworks are importers of both Class B 1.3g Fireworks and Class C 1.4g Fireworks.


If you are interested in Joining the Flashing Thunder team. Contact Jeremy or Katie Mostek.

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